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Few Vastu Tips For Home Purchasing In Mumbai

If you’re thinking of buying ready to move flats in Mumbai, it is a perfect time. You can opt for apartments or even a small home in a quiet area. The first things people look for in a new apartment would be quality, expenses, area, and loan plans.

Not to forget, there are apartments in Mumbai which whose constructions depend on Vastu. Vastu helps in aligning a peaceful aura along with location and spiritual environment of your room.

There are a few Vastu tips which can help you purchase a home in the correct area with proper placement.

1. Directions of Room

-> Begin with checking out each room’s directions when you are looking for ready to move in flats in Mumbai or Delhi.

-> For example, North-east for bedroom is ideal due to the first rays of the sun in the morning.

-> You can check if the South-east side has the kitchen and South-west holds the bathrooms.

-> The south should be an outlet.

2. Entrance to Your Home

-> The plot entrance of your room should face North or North-east, as the opposite ends bring about negativity in your home.

-> Due to its side-effects on the home-owners, make sure to face your entrance doors at the north.

3. Paint Your Home Carefully

-> Avoid darker colors as they attract negativity. Go with lighter playful shades such for living rooms and white ceilings.

-> Color your rooms by direction. North facing rooms should have lighter and cheerful shades when the sun hits.

-> When you’re purchasing a dream home with home loans, make sure to use the money wisely and bring peace and positivity to your life and house.

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