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Area Profile of Ameerpet

Ameerpet is a busy commercial area in the neighborhood of Hyderabad. Situated in the north-eastern part of Hyderabad, it later became a part of Hyderabad after construction activities grew to a large extent in the northern part of Hyderabad. Well-known for the kind of very low price software training offered here, it is the center of attraction for software enthusiasts. This has led to the accelerated growth of the real estate projects in the area to fulfill the increasing demand. Over the years, it has developed into an area, that offers one of the best properties in Hyderabad.

Real Estate

Real estate of Ameerpet is known for the kind of residential flats they provide and the amenities therein. Most importantly, they provide the affordable homes in Hyderabad at affordable rates. Working with tech giant calls for discharging responsibilities and it is important to get a full night’s rest and comfort after a day of tiring work. The real estate projects in Ameerpet offer just the same comfort to unwind. The residential flats and apartments are laden with all sorts of amenities that would reduce the stress level.


There seems to be a never-ending potential in Ameerpet for the growth of real estate projects. Ameerpet, being one of the software hubs of our country, many people throng to this place every year for acquiring IT skills. Aspiring to fulfill the needs of those people, the real estate in Ameerpet has developed over the years and now they have enough potential to provide a stress-free and tranquil lifestyle.

Demand & Profit

Demand for real estate in Ameerpet seems to be never-ending. The influx of people to Ameerpet tends to increase over the years and hence the increase in demand for real estate is constantly on the rise. As the demand increases so does the profit and hence Ameerpet is a market where real estate can really blossom and earn huge profits.

New Projects

Many of the real estate investors have already sensed the opportunities present and are now trying to capitalize on it. Many upcoming projects in Hyderabad are blossoming there and each one of them has got different, but many reasons for choosing to live in. The upcoming projects in Hyderabad are all offering some promising amenities and features which just can’t be ignored and that too at affordable prices.


If one decides to live at Ameerpet, to enjoy a good lifestyle, then connectivity is not at all a problem. Ameerpet is proposed to be an important station for the upcoming Hyderabad Metro project. As of now, it is connected to Hyderabad both by roadways and railways and it is at a mere distance of 5 kms from Hyderabad.


Ameerpet is a perfect place to stay in if one wants to hone their IT skills and have a dashing lifestyle at the same time. Residing here will provide the residents with the dual opportunity of earning quality education and leading a good life close to nature.

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Know The Area Profile of Alexander Road

Alexander Road is located in Secunderabad, Hyderabad. Alexander Road holds a great significance with Alexander the Great who was popularly known as Sikander in India. This place is best suitable for tourists to stay as it is has easy access to airport and is at a convenient location from the city’s must-visit destinations.

Real Estate

This place is now considered as the next hotspot for residential properties in Secunderabad. It is believed that in future a greater level of development will take place here.

Affordable homes in Hyderabad, particularly in Secunderabad are in most demand and are a prominent feature of this city. The properties here are affordable. Though this area is not a completely residential area, the real estate agents are working on developing it. The area has more of residential plots and independent houses.


Prominent Builders

Few of the builders of Secunderabad properties are listed as follows:

  • Prasad Real Estate builders
  • Modi Builders and Realtors Pvt.Ltd
  • Quick Properties
  • AT Quick Properties
  • DBS Business Centres



Alexander Road is a developing area of Secunderabad. There has been a recent change in residential plots, bungalow, and mostly 2 BHK flats in Secunderabad. This is making the area more of a residential place and helping in its future development.


Reasons for Demand

This area has more hotels which make it a spot for tourists to stay. This place hence attracts more tourists than other parts of the city. Also, it is located near the airport which makes it more welcoming for foreign tourists. This area has a lot of historical significance. Everyone in and outside India are aware of Alexander or Sikander and his achievements. That is the reason why it is more of a tourist place than a residential place.

Not only this, the place has many available residential plots and lands which have increased this area’s worth. There are various schools, universities, hospitals and other grocery stores in and around this place. Therefore, daily amenities are present in the nearby area as well.

There are many shopping malls such as South India Shopping Mall and Babukhan Shopping Mall which have helped increase its appeal.

There are many areas of worship and they are:

  • Jama Masjid
  • Holy Trinity Church
  • Chilkur Balaji Temple
  • Thousand Pillar Temple
  • Mecca Masjid

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Alexander Road is well connected to various parts of Hyderabad by various means of public transport. There are multiple buses and cab services available, connecting this part of the city to Minister Road, Ameerpet, Miyapur, Adarsh Nagar and so on. Accordingly this area is connected to most parts of the city.



This place is a lost gem of India. Alexander Road in Secunderabad is not a well-known area and that is the reason for the late development of this part of the city. This place has its own beauty, with all the worship areas, tourist places and natural beauty.

With the coming of younger generations in the form of students at various college and universities in Alexander Road, the place has been developed for them. Unlike any other area, Alexander Road has its own charm and appeal. It is a quiet a calm place and connected with each and every part of Secundrabad. The demand of this area for real estate has started and is expected to develop at a fast pace in the near future.

Area Profile of Abids Road


After being established by the Qutb Shahi dynasty, Hyderabad was captured by the Mughals a century later. It gained independence under the Nizams of Hyderabad but remained under the British Empire. It was made the capital of Andhra Pradesh in 1956 and will remain joint capital of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana till 2025. An Armenian merchant named Albert Abid had opened the first shop in this area. He was a valet of Nizam VI of the Hyderabad state. Hence today we refer to this area as Abids road or Abids Shop. Now a very prominent business district, this area has a peculiar history. It is famous due its location and connectivity which makes it an in-demand location for residential property in Hyderabad.


Current Scenario


There are various existing projects in the area. Many developers like Ekta Builders are in the process of committing to new projects in Hyderabad, premium housing on Abids road. There are multiple independently built villas, apartments, and bungalows available at affordable rates.  Per sq. ft. rate is around Rs.5500 on Abids road. Property experts believe that the near future will show us a great level of development taking place in Abids road. It is now considered to be the next hotspot for investment and new projects in Hyderabad.

Many English Medium schools like Stanley Girls High School and St. George’s Grammar School were established in the past in this area through missionary work during the colonial era.  Even famous temples are situated here, especially on the Nampally & Abids road. Temples like the Hanuman Temple, Hyderabad and ISKCON temple, considered to be the heritage sites, are located here.


Advantages and Benefits

An arterial road of Hyderabad, Abids Road, connects parts of the old city to the new. It also connects Secunderabad, Hyderabad’s twin city. The city is adequately linked by TSRTC buses to Dilsukhnagar, Ghatkesar, Kothi, Nampally and other areas of Hyderabad, Abids is proximal to the MMTS Train Station and is only a kilometer away from the Nampally Railway Station. Various other modes of public transport like taxis and auto-rickshaws are found very easily as they very frequently ply in and around the city. Abids road is currently a growing business hub and has several hotels for travelers and businessmen alike. There are luxury hotels like Palace Heights Hotel and The Taj Mahal Hotel right in the heart of this area.

Abids Road is a very prominent area to stay in and is a prime location for Hyderabad property owners. The main street, Abids Road is one of the main shopping centers in the city. The GPO (General Post Office) headquarters is situated here. It is also a major commercial hub, with various businesses like hotels and retail stores for clothing, electronics, footwear, jewelry, and textiles. Also, the largest telecom company in the city, BSNL, has its headquarters located on Abids Road. Situated next to the GPO, is the Municipal Corporation Office. A bustling gray market for electronics and mobiles, the famous Jagdish market is the hub for customers.



Certain factors in the current scenario can be improved like traffic management and cleanliness. The Andhra Pradesh Government plans to create over 5 lakh jobs in the IT sector, thus promising huge growth in demand for commercial and residential affordable housing in Hyderabad.  Abids Road, already a famous commercial district, is poised to grow as a hotspot for real estate investment.

Know The Area Profile of Chanda Nagar

Chanda Nagar is a strategically developed suburb of Hyderabad, being more technologically advanced than its counterparts. It boasts of an amalgamation of many luxurious, commercial and residential property in Hyderabad. Its commercial sphere includes essentials such as shopping malls and major educational institutes, while the residential sphere includes quite a few housing colonies of magnanimous stature. Despite being so highly developed, Chanda Nagar maintains a low pollution zone with peaceful surroundings, making it an attractive place to reside in.

Real Estate

Chanda Nagar includes a large variety of skillfully crafted and developed properties with stunning surroundings. To find such an economically priced property in Hyderabad is rare for sure. The apartments range from 1 BHK to 3 BHK properties, being spacious enough to accommodate more individuals than expected. When compared to other areas, the 3 BHK apartment in Hyderabad holds an uniqueness and grace of its own. The properties are perfectly well-equipped with the latest amenities such as elevators, car parking, low pollution area, all day water, strong security system, etc. All the comforts required to lead a happy and more than satisfactory lifestyle in Chanda Nagar are readily available in abundance, especially in the 3BHK apartment in Hyderabad.



Chanda Nagar has, in the past, grown exponentially with a captivating success rate, making it one of the most advanced areas in Hyderabad in terms of self-sufficiency. This area has great potential to grow even more and surpass its counterparts, paving the way for future residents. The renowned institutions near the area galvanize Chanda Nagar to improve their facilities to attract the students and staff of those institutions, making them better and better every day.


Demand and Profit

Houses in Chanda Nagar is in huge demand by the students because of its nearness to some highly well-reputed educational and commercial institutions like Indian School of Business (ISB) and Microsoft. The peaceful surroundings provide the residents with a stress-free mind and the facilities provided are more than sufficient with regards to the price.

The area owes most of its share of profits from students and staff members of the institutions nearby, however, that is not all. Many other residents live in Chanda Nagar due to its proximity to the metro station and other transport facilities, along with great pricing.


New Projects

Chanda Nagar is on the run to develop even better projects with outstanding facilities, surpassing its past projects as well. Plans of mesmerizing skyscrapers are being formulated, having supremely amazing views that one could never get bored of. Newer and more unique ideas are being used to construct stellar structures that entice more clients deserving a beautiful dream home.



Located close to some of the best Information Technology companies in the world, Chanda Nagar takes the cake for being just a few kilometers away from companies like Microsoft, Wipro, TCS, Infosys, Polaris, CMC, and more. It is also very close to some of the best Indian educational institutions including Indian School of Business, International Institute of Information Technology (IIIT), and newly established Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). Basic necessities like shopping centers and grocery shops, all lie very close to the area, reducing the travel time.

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Chanda Nagar is a great example of an area that is highly advanced in the sphere of technology, while also preserving the greatness of nature. It balances a pollution free environment near multinational companies and is capable of providing its residents with the best of opportunities as well as amenities.

Why B.T. Road is a Better Investment Option in Hyderabad?

The development in India has been showcased to the outside world through a few bustling cities in the country. All around the world, Indians are making their home country proud by being a part of huge, mind-boggling and world-changing projects.  Due to this, there has been a lot of development in the cities of India, especially the most famous ones. As the demand for housing and property increased, the rates for the property also increased. With the rapid boom in the IT sector, there were lot of properties available in the city of Hyderabad, and employees of the prominent IT companies were more than interested to buy them at whatever rate mentioned.

The value of property for sale in Hyderabad immediately went soaring through the roof, due to high demand, and the builders constructing various towers and other residential spaces made huge money by selling flats at prices way higher than the original price, or its actual worth. The value of the land has appreciated manifolds in the past few years, and people are lining up to buy a property before the price exceeds their budget.

Why is BT Road Such a Great Place to Buy Property in?

B.T. road is one of the most well-known areas in the city of Hyderabad, due to the prevalence of important social and economic hubs in the area. There is a huge daily influx of citizens in the area. There is a high demand for residential space in the neighborhood. Hyderabad is one of the most sought-after, due to the revolutionary development in the city.

There are many reasons for this tremendous increase in the value of real estate in this area. One of the main reasons for this is the connectivity it provides to the rest of the city. Also, it is an area which is very close to some of the major IT parks in the city. Property for sale in Hyderabad, as it is well known, is very costly. Another major reason as to why this area is on the top of the “most sought after places in Hyderabad to live” is the fact that it is situated in the heart of the city, which makes it extremely close to all the important and well known commercial, economic and entertainment centers of the city.

Hyderabad has always been costlier than the property in other states. This area, being much in demand, has a lot of potential in the future. The upcoming real estate projects in Hyderabad are definitely going to serve as a big boost to this sector. Upcoming ventures also include a lot of commercial complexes along with residential spaces in Hyderabad, especially on B.T. road. In brief, this area is one which is reasonably priced, which has rendered it to be much in demand.