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Why to purchase Appaswamy real-estate in Chennai?

banner_imageChennai is one of the metropolitan cities of India, and have many job opportunities in the city. That is the reason, many luxury apartments and normal apartments have come up at an affordable price.

The connectivity of the city is much developed. The connecting link between Mahabalipuram to Chennai port has helped to construct many residential projects in Chennai, such as Appaswamy Real estate’s Luz Amor, Capella, in Mylapore and Arcot Road. There, you will find many luxury apartments in Chennai.

Reasons, why you should invest, are:

Areas such as Padi, Anna Nagar, Madhavaram, Tambaram are some of the upcoming micro markets where you will find some affordable deals. South Chennai will be the best place for investing in properties with developing infrastructure in areas such as Chromepet, and Meenambakkam.

The properties in Chennai are much affordable than other metropolitan cities. In Chennai, the residential apartments prices range around Rs. 40 to 60 lakhs. The constant increase in demand is decreasing the home loan lending rates. You can simply contact Bajaj Finserv Homes and Loans and get a complete guidance and assistance on loans that range from Rs. 30 Lakhs to 10 Crores.

The area around East Coast Road is well developed with proper drainage and water connections. Government is taking the initiative to construct new channels and expressways for better transportation, hence, the housing sector in areas such as  Ponmar and Maraim is developing.

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Godrej Azure- A Stellar Residential Project in Padur

Godrej Azure is one of the most amazing and luxurious projects of Godrej Properties Limited. It is located in the Padur area of the city that is well connected to the rest of the city. The properties of this group is one of the most reliable and trustworthy destination for investment in real estate in India. It is one of the royal and classy projects. It is not just a building but a way of living!

Availability of Residential Space

property in chennai

The project is under construction and will be available to occupy by the year 2018. It is one of the mega projects of its developers. The project offers 2 BHK, 3BHK and 4 BHK residential apartments in Padur. It is equipped with all the basic amenities that are required for comfortable, safe and classy living. The amenities range from gym to club house to swimming pool to jogging track to indoor game facilities etc. The complex will be highly safe and secure with the 24/7 security facility. The location is in close vicinity to the places of basic requirements like school, hospitals, shops etc.

The project comes from one of the most reliable and trustworthy developers in the real estate industry. Godrej Azure is the best option to go with if you are looking for a decent, luxurious and comfortable living. The company aims to develop quality budget homes in Chennai to satisfy the demands and the needs of its customers.



Real estate in India is developing its market and this project is aimed to grow the market and set up a standard of living. The project is a good one to go with by all means because it will satisfy all the criteria of being a good project, be it the location or the developers or the amenities.  The project is embedded with optimum use of the latest technology. The entire vicinity of the apartment is eye catching with its beautiful and attractive greenery. The project will meet all the criteria of your dream house! It offers fantastic living with all the amenities that makes life secure and comfortable. The design is done with the maximum utilization of space offering well ventilated apartments.

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It is one of the most comfortable reliable and amazing projects offering the dream homes to everyone! The developers are well renowned in the real estate industry. The project is located in the area that holds good connectivity with all the major parts of the cities as well as with the neighboring cities like Bangalore. It is a legally approved and secure living with your family. It is a way of lavish and elegant living! Enjoy your life at these beautiful apartments with your family and make living really elegant and comfortable.

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Chengalpattu Witnessing Gurgaon Like Growth


Chengalpattu is a rapidly growing town or city that is increasingly gaining positive attention for being the developer’s and real-estate agent’s new hot-spot. About a decade ago, the potentials of this suburb may not have been visible to the masses. However, with its strategic location positioned at fifty kilometers from South Chennai, Chengalpattu was clearly destined to face rapid development and transformation. This sudden growth would most probably be credited to the need of expanded housing in and around Chennai that developers took up and slowly built a sturdy, well-established contemporary town vicinity, incorporating all of the latest commercial and residential properties in Chennai.

Chengalpattu, today, is one of the most well-known satellite hubs of Chennai. Also, being located at NH45 (National Highway 45), the town holds a great capacity and ability to boom in the business of enhanced industrial, commercial and trade development.

This current scenario of Chengalpattu can be compared with that of Gurgaon, a very popular suburb of the Indian capital, Delhi. With its humble roots, both of these promising cities gradually continue to expand as a land of opportunity for investors and developers.

Promising Developmental Projects

The airport-Chengalpattu elevator corridor project comes in as golden spoon opportunity for the city as it potentially holds the capability of attracting numerous builders and investors to execute and establish projects. An airport getaway is, no surprise, a very marketable domain. It implies more visitations and settlements. This is exactly what this project gives to the market of flats in Chengalpattu, an edge for enhanced growth.  With this marketable idea, there have been numerous flats for sale in Chengalpattu that aims to provide accommodation for a demography that varies in different aspects, ranging from age to gender to occupation and a list of other different criterions.

Pricing Advantages

Probably the determining factor making it the next big real-estate hotspot is the affordability of properties in the area. Several flats for sale in Chengalpattu come with a very friendly price tag. This attracts the market segment that aims for functionality and design in their residential homes that can be purchased with a pocket-friendly monetary value. Affordable homes in Chengalpattu are also extremely sought after since this determining factor is far distinct and more feasible as compared to the rate of properties in the neighboring area.

Especially with its site located in a very strongly connected area, it urges for the need of various other developmental projects that would provide the city with a boost in catering to various services, trades, and commerce. This includes the building of educational institutions, schools, colleges, hotels, hospitals, theme parks, restaurants, parks, etc.

With its extremely affordable price rate of properties, multiple large companies like Pepsi, Wipro, Mahindra and a lot more, already have its factories established around Chengalpattu. This gives opportunity and light to a whole new set of companies willing to set up in feasible areas like this.

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