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Most Premium Real Estate Projects to Invest in Bangalore?

Bangalore, also referred to as the Silicon Valley of India, is one of the most preferred destinations when it comes to real estate investment. It has been one of the fastest growing cities in the country since the past few decades. The tremendous IT and infrastructure development along with an influx of multicultural population has led to the growth of this city. Among all the budding sectors, one of the sectors which is growing enormously is the residential sector. It has been mainly possible due to good social infrastructure development coupled with excellent educational institutions and commercial infrastructure.

The city is experiencing serious growth, and property developers are doing their best to harness the potential that this region has to offer. If you are interested or looking to buying flats or invest in upcoming projects in Bangalore, then there are many reasons why you should go ahead with it. One of them is the steady growth and second is the comfortability and convenience. Apart from all the luxurious projects that are under development, there are a few eye-catching projects which are already completed. Few of them are Sobha City, Brigade Lakefront, Prestige Ferns Residency & Purva Skydale.

Let’s look at these projects in detail: –

  • Sobha City: It is a stunning township located on Thanisandra main road and has proximity to the Hebbal Ring Road. It is one of the fastest selling prestigious projects in North Bangalore. Spread over 36 acres, it is highlighted with serene beauty, world-class design, and an exceptional degree of excellence. The township boasts acres of greenery accompanied by fountains and pebbled pathways. If you are looking forward to purchase a property in this Mediterranean theme township, then it is important to know that 3BHK flats are available here at an affordable rate.


  • Brigade Lakefront: Brigade Lakefront located at Whitefield is another such prestigious project in Banagalore. This project comes with 2BHK, 3BHK, and 4 BHK residential apartments in Bangalore. These units range from 1330 sq. ft. to 3360 sq. ft. Style, luxury, and sophistication are resonated in this project. Similar to Sobha City, even this project is surrounded by lush greenery and is located adjacent to a freshwater lake.


  • Prestige Ferns Residency: Prestige Ferns Residency located at Sarjapur Road is one of the most in-demand properties in Bangalore. This project offers a 3-4BHK apartment spread between the areas of 1750 sq. ft. to 2300 sq. ft. This project was one of the most awaited projects, and the possessions are quickly filling in because of the luxurious amenities that are being offered at an affordable rate.


  • Purva Skydale: This project is located at Haralur road in East Bangalore and offers 2BHK and 4 BHK residential apartments in Bangalore. The build-up area of this project is between 1273 sq. ft. to 1929 sq. ft. This residency is an epitome of beauty and magnificence. Spacious balconies, extraordinary architecture along with exquisite gardens are the highlights of the project.


These are few of the most prestigious projects in Bangalore. The majority of the High Network Individuals (HNI) and Non-Residential Indians (NRIs) are investing in these projects. With Bangalore’s residential sector expected to grow even further, these are some of the best options that are available if you are planning to invest in a luxurious project. The possessions are already underway, and the properties are being sold at a great pace.

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Most Sought-After Locations in Bangalore

Bangalore, also popularly known as the Garden City, has been an all-time favorite for real estate investors. It attracts a large amount of HNI (High Networth Individuals) and NRI (Non Resident Indians)  investment in the real estate industry each year, and all because of some very good reasons. The city is growing and expanding each day, and the property developers are doing the best they can to harness its vast potential. If you’re someone who is also looking to purchase property in Bangalore or some hot property in Bangalore, following is a roundup of five of the most sought after locations in Bangalore you must look at:


Anyone looking for flats for sale in Whitefield should know a bit about its background. It was a quaint little settlement of Eurasians which remained that way until the turn of the millennium when the IT revolution of Bangalore transformed Whitefield into a major suburb. Today, properties in Whitefield sell like hotcakes and the location is one of the most sought after in the entire country. What also sets it apart is that it’s very well connected to the other areas of the Bangalore through ‘Namma Metro.’

It’s particularly well-known in the investment circles for its new-age residential apartments and lush greenery. Popular Bangalore schools such as the International School, the Deen’s Academy and many more are situated in Whitefield. Zero pollution, world-class apartments, amazing connectivity and proximity to workplace have turned Whitefield into an eternally hot real estate destination in Bangalore.

Sarjapur Road

Situated in the suburbs of Bangalore, around 25 km towards the south-east of the city, Sarjapur Road is one area that continues to see plenty of real estate action despite the other southern and eastern Bangalore areas getting saturated over time. Why Sarjapur Road is considered a hot real estate destination is because of its proximity to the important IT clusters, with IT giants like Infosys and Wipro contributing to its popularity. Please note, if you’re looking to buy flats in Sarjapur Road, you might have to pay a good premium for them. It’s one of the most promising and upcoming IT hubs in Bangalore, and investing into property here may prove to be a very wise decision in the future.

Bannerghatta Road

The erstwhile Anekal Road, now known as Bannerghatta Road got its name from the nearby-situated Bannerghatta National Park. This place has been attracting a lot of real estate business owing to the advent of IT companies in the region. The place already serves as a hub for several high-end residential apartment projects, and is witnessing continuous real estate development owing to high demand in the market.

The houses you get to see in Bannerghatta Road can be compared to some of the most prominent and biggest housing complexes in the entire Bangalore. The place is congestion-free and has a good number of shopping areas, medical facilities and IT zones.

Electronics City

Situated on the outskirts of Bangalore, Electronics City is the biggest industrial technology hub in Bangalore, which houses around 300 companies in total and a huge workforce that powers them. Considering the number of companies that operate from this place, everyone’s interested in buying a home here. After all, it’s much easier to live and work at the same place!

The elevated expressway constructed recently has played a major role in reducing the traffic congestion in this area, leading to a new-found interest among the property developers and property buyers.

On the whole, the above-detailed four locations are a must-look for anyone wanting to buy property or investment-worthy flats in Bangalore.

Bellary Road Makes A Desirable Property in Bangalore


Located in the North of Bangalore, Bellary Road is a relatively calm area in the bustling city of Bangalore. The area has ample amenities one could require with all the conveniences. The area is very well organized and divided into neat roads allowing easy navigation. The area is relatively developed and is the hub of quite a few 3 BHK flats in Bangalore. If one is looking for property in Bangalore which will give you all amenities one could desire, as well as various commercial plazas, then Bellary Road is the place to be in.


Various housing options are available in the area, ranging from 1 BHK to 4 BHK. One can expect houses at affordable rates as the area isn’t classified as posh or up-market. For the residents or aspiring residents of the area this is good news because, given the number of colleges, schools and other various workplaces located in the area, housing is cheaper and easier. Bellary Road is the epicenter of new residential projects in Bangalore due to the recent economic boom. People can find elegant and economical homes for rent as well as for purchase according to one’s choice.


Given its proximity to different colleges, the youth of Bangalore can rent a single room or even a bigger flat on sharing basis. Various new residential projects in Bangalore offer housing units to students to multiply their profits. The area is potentially the upcoming hub of Bangalore and a developing marvel. Looking for property in Bangalore can be a tedious process due to the vastness of the city but people with jobs in the various hospitals and clinics in Bellary Road or the different commercial plazas can easily find an affordable abode without too much of a hassle. It is situated conveniently near the highway. The presence of a mall and a number of colleges has given rise to different hangout spots and restaurants in the area. This again leads to making the area conducive for the real estate business as well as to the investors.
One can argue that the proximity of the number of schools in the area can lead to a lot of traffic and hustle and bustle, but Bellary Road is arguably one of the calmest locations in Bangalore. The well defined and organized roads perfectly handle and divide the traffic to avoid traffic jams and invariably, sound pollution. The exponential growth of the market has resulted in businesses looking to expand in different areas and Bellary Road aptly fits into the list of preferred areas.
The area already has a lot to offer, with a profound magnificence of its own, adding to its elegant charm. Crime rates are exuberantly low here thus providing complete security to families and other residents. The schools in the area are also critically acclaimed, forcing more and more builders to invest in the area for their profits.
In conclusion, Bellary Road is an idealistic location for everyone looking for a relatively calm area with a safe neighborhood. Investing in a home in this area would be the best step anyone could take because, in the years to come, this area will yield major profits for everyone.

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