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Few Reasons Why You Should Buy Home From Such A Reputed Builder Only

‘Home is where the heart is’. However, if you buy a home from an unbranded builder for a cheaper rate you are likely to face a lot of challenges that will break your heart. The array of problems that most such buyers may face include time mismanagement issues, false promises regarding amenities, poor paint quality, inadequate parking space, blocked views and foul smells among others.

Perhaps the most common issue with these kinds of builders is the false promises they make regarding the amenities that will be available to the residents of their project. Most of the time, the amenities as basic as an elevator is also put in after long delays. Even then, they are of such quality that they break down every now and then.

Dedicated parking spaces are also sometimes promised but not delivered. Parking is taken for granted and later acquiring a parking space can become a struggle for the residents. Use of cheap quality paints can cause it to deter in a year or so and badly affect the aesthetic value of your house. Another downside of houses constructed by shady builders can be inefficient drainage systems.

So, it is, most definitely, a better ploy to pay a slightly more amount and purchase a house from a well-known and trusted builder than to chase the lower-priced properties offered by unfamiliar builders.

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