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Are You Looking To Invest In Real Estate For Future Benefits?

The Indian real estate sector is booming, with housing sales gaining momentum due to 200 million square feet of space being added this year across segments, according to CBRE. With the implementation of RERA adding transparency to the realty sector and reduction in GST rates on under-construction properties and affordable housing, real estate investment has proved to be lucrative.


There is an increasing demand for strategically-located, well-connected properties that offer various useful amenities. Sunteck Westworld is one such residential project offering high-end facilities, which is high on market value.

Real estate investment is a safe and stable form of investment as the real estate market is not as volatile as the stock market. With the property being a tangible asset, you can have an investment that well within your control. Therefore, the risk associated with real estate investment is significantly lower.

The returns on real estate are considerably higher than any other investment option. Your property investment can turn out to be a hedge to inflation since the value of a real estate is continually rising.

Moreover, you can buy a property using home loans to be eligible for tax exemptions under the Income Tax Act, 1961. Add a steady source of additional income by investing in real estate! You can rent out your house and earn a fixed income from that or wait until the prices double and sell it at a higher price.

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