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Checklist for Selecting the Right Floor for Yourself

While searching for an apartment, deciding the floor for yourself should ideally demand some thinking on your part. For example, should you want to live on a higher floor, you can restrict your search to high-rises or projects that have upper-floor accommodation on offer.

Majestique Rhythm County

For instance, Majestique Rhythm County in Pune is a residential project that has on offer 1 and 2 BHK apartments spread over 14 floors. While there is no clearly defined rule that governs the ‘correct’ floor, you can weigh in some of the more important factors here.

To start with, factor in the view. Are you the one who holds blissful surroundings at the top of your priority list? If the answer is in the affirmative, know that higher floors generally offer the best view of your surroundings. This is all the truer if the housing project stands amid a scenic spot.

Next up are rentals. Should you want to buy an apartment – solely from an investment standpoint – you might want to choose a floor closer to the ground. That’s because property surveys corroborate that most Indians want to put up in flats on lower floors.

Another important determinant of the right floor is ambient noise and your threshold for it. More often than not, the scales might be tilted in favor of vacancies on upper-floors should you want to insulate your apartment from the babel of voices on the roads.

And lastly, security. Usually, safety might stand compromised with a ground-floor apartment – for it can then mean easier access (to your flat) for anti-social elements.
Majestique Rhythm County promises an unfailing security system without a chink.

With its 24×7 security and intercom services coupled with continuous CCTV coverage, the promise of peaceful living has never been as real.

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