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How RERA Has Helped in Revolutionizing the Real Estate?

Since the time RERA was introduced on May 1, 2017, it has revolutionized the real estate industry. The main aim of RERA was to offer complete transparency to buyers and putting in place the financial discipline.

There is a number of top builders following RERA and offering good projects. One such is the Dosti West County by Dosti builders in Thane (W), Mumbai and is the most preferred builders.

Dosti West County

Let us now check:

– Timely Project Delivery:

Under RERA, every builder needs to deliver timely projects to buyers to avoid any legal issues. In case, if the builder fails to give the possession on the given date, then the buyer can withdraw the complete amount with the interest rate. The maximum time for the refund is 45 days.

– Verifying seller’s track record:

Under RERA, buyers can have complete details of the seller before buying the property. For instance, if you buying an apartment in Dosti West County, then you can get complete information about the project and the track record of the seller.

– Transparency:

Builders need to be very transparent when it comes to marketing the project. What they mentioned in the advertising, it needs to be the same. In the case of misinformation, the buyer has all the right to take action the builder.

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