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Lodha Palava – One of the Best Housing Destinations in Mumbai

Lodha Palava is a housing project from the Lodha Group in Mumbai. It is spread across 4500 acres, providing homes to thousands of families in Mumbai. Certain key points ensure that you are provided with an in-house complete environment package.


Some of its striking features are:

-> Good connectivity–  Lodha Palava is strategically located in the economic hub of the city. It is also closer to the Navi Mumbai International Airport. Three major train stations namely Dombivali, Vashi and Diva are located close by. Thus providing transportation to millions.

-> First class amenities– housing projects with popular amenities sell like hot cakes. The Lodha Palava provides supermarkets, malls, community centers, religious spaces for worship, parks, cricket stadium, golf course, gymnasium, and indoor sports facility.

-> Educational Institutions– The Township boasts of three leading schools affiliated to the ICSE Board. This saves traveling for both parents and students. After dropping off their kids, the parents can go to their workplace worry-free, knowing that their kids would not be required to leave the Township.

-> Eco-friendly spaces– Lodha Palava has parks with greenery for everyone to relax and breathe in a stress-free environment. Senior citizens, kids, and even the younger crowd can maintain a healthy lifestyle by strolling in the parks, jogging or exercising.

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