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Investing in Luxury or Budget Apartments – What is Ideal?

VTP Blue Waters, Mahalunge, Pune is a renowned name as it offers luxurious 1 BHK, 2 BHK and 3 BHK apartments. It is spread across 103 acres and nestled amidst IT corridor, Mahalunge Hi-Tech City, 3 Kms from Baner, 1.5 Kms from Hinjewadi and 1.2 Km from Shivaji Nagar.

VTP Blue Waters

It is also in close proximity to schools as well as hospitals and comes with amenities such as Highstreet, General Stores and Sports Club. Thus, it is a hit amongst the people of Pune who look for both budget as well as luxurious properties.

But people are often confused with budget apartments as well as luxury apartment. Let’s see here about it.

A Luxury apartment is one that comes with 3 or more bedrooms but that alone is not a factor to determine as to luxury apartment. Let’s see here some of the aspects that determines luxury apartments.

-> Location:

Mostly, the luxurious properties are located at prime locations. For instance, VTP Blue Waters is located in the upmarket area of the Pune city. But that is not the only criteria to determine the luxury property.

-> Size:

Mostly luxurious properties come with significant size of both super and carpeted area. These properties will have 3 or more bedrooms.

-> World Class Features:

Luxury apartments come with world class features such as entertainment, sports and games, security, dining experience, luxurious interiors, spacious lawns, a medium or big sized swimming pool, a club, a golf course, etc.

-> Exclusivity:

Mostly luxurious apartments are situated close to beaches, scenic locales and mountains. It is occupied by Aristocrats, bureaucrats, entrepreneurs, film stars, businessmen, etc.

Now, we have seen the features of luxury apartments. Let’s see here about budget apartments.

Mostly, these properties are moderately priced and cater to the larger section of buyers. It is mostly meant for first time buyers. The size of the flats is smaller than the luxury apartments and comes with limited amenities and facilities. In Pune, a 2 BHK apartment is considered as a budget property.

Budget properties are most pocket friendly whereas luxury apartment are a bit costly. Though both offer excellent investment opportunities, budget apartments are affordable for a larger section of people.

Mostly, the luxury apartment owners don’t consider their property as investment and they only want to live in comfort and luxury. Budget apartments have innumerable buyers when compared to luxury apartments.

But with many banks and NBFCs funding the cost of buying a home, you can opt for both types of apartments. However, you have to prove your eligibility.

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