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Top Localities in Mumbai Where You Can Buy a House

Pune is one of the most favorite cities of people living in Maharashtra. Apart from being one of the top weekend getaways; Pune is still peaceful, less-crowded and homes are still luxurious.

In fact, as per a survey, most people retiring in India would like to do so in Pune. So, for someone who has been planning to buy a house for a very long time, irrespective of whether it was for residential purpose or for investment purpose; Pune is the best choice.

That said, since buying a home is somehow also your biggest investment due to the long-term commitment to home loan one has to shoulder on; you must ensure the localities are safe and can fetch high value as returns.

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Accordingly, below is a list of top localities in Pune and a little about why they are good prospects.

Kalyani Nagar: Kalyani Nagar, located on the eastern corridor of Pune, is one of the most sought-after localities in the city for residential purpose.

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Not only it is safe, but the demand for real estate in this area has also drastically increased and so the ROI is very high. Apart from that, Kalyani Nagar is well-connected with Mumbai, and the connectivity with airport and railway stations is fantastic.

Wagholi: Anyone who owns a property in Wagholi would define the experience using the following words: affordable, good connectivity, and education hub.

Hinjewadi: Hinjewadi, especially due to the Rajiv Gandhi Infotech park, has become one of the top investment choices for real-estate investors.

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