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Requirements to Get a Home Loan in Pune

Pune, the education hub of Maharashtra with a booming IT sector has over the years become a chosen residential destination for the young and the old as well. Getting a home loan in Pune is pretty easy. Listed below are the eligibility criteria and some essential features to secure the same:


A home loan in Pune sanctions 70-80%, and the rest needs to be paid by the borrower. Some of the factors that determine the eligibility criteria for a home loan in Pune are the age of the individual (different for salaried and self-employed ones), educational qualifications for self-employed people, job stability, credit score, loan repayment capacity, assets, credibility of the co-applicants (if any), and liability of other loans.

home loan in pune

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The features of a home loan in Pune are:

  • Pre-approved home loan allowing you to purchase a home with an easy approval procedure and minimum documentation
  • Quick and trustworthy processing
  • A home loan balance transfer lets you transfer an ongoing home loan to a bank with lower EMI and interest rate
  • Flexible interest rate
  • Home loan insurance to protect your loan and keep your family safe in case of any unfortunate future incident

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