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The Present Condition of Pune’s Real Estate Sector

The correct mix of vibrant past and modernity in the state Pune makes it as one of the prime cities in recent times. The elegant look of the centre draws a lot of attention. While many wished to own a property in the state, here’s a take on the real estate condition prevailing in the city.

The successful revamping phase

Demonetisation had a remarkable influence on nearly all the industrial areas. Real estate isn’t an exception. Following the demonetisation decision, in November 2016, it had a striking impact/effect on almost all the sectors. Pune isn’t any exception, property trades fell, and new launches lagged in the state. However, things are changing. As compared to 2018, there has been a 50% growth in terms of establishing any new house in the region. The cosmopolitan city is filled, with skyscrapers like the Ganesh Imperia project in Wakad.

The growth in Residential Complexes

The Increasing institutional complexes, such as school, colleges, shopping malls, proves the steep growth and development, in Pune.  Excellent residential complexes like the Ganesh Imperia project in Wakad, located in the centre of the city offers high-grade facilities to prospective buyers.

The steep rise in the number of institutions present in the state

There are more than 150 universities in Pune as of now. While advancing towards a brighter future, everything seems to be back normal, as students from various regions come to study.Ganesh Imperia in Wakad  Pune by Gobind Developers   Bajaj Finserv.pngAlso Read: Current Scenario of Real Estate in Pune

Besides being a famous educational hub, Pune is also highly recognised as a home for various IT firms. Over the past few years, Pune has seen a gigantic/tremendous increase, in the IT-Information Technology industry.







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