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Charges Every Home Buyer Buying a Property in Three Jewels Needs to Pay

Buying a property in Kolte Patil Three Jewels, Pune? Are you aware of the charges you’ll have to pay in order to completely own the property? If not, below is a detailed guide you can follow.

1. Advance Deposit For Maintenance

The perks of living in a gated housing societies is the amenities offered with it. Some of the amenities are actually essential but some are unnecessarily there.

For instance, CCTV cameras and gatekeepers are two important features which make residential societies safer.

However, these facilities are not for free, the builder charges the maintenance fees in advance. Therefore, if you are looking for a flat in three jewels pune, must not overlook these hidden costs.


2. Parking Space

Parking space is not free these days, and with increasing number of cars it is going to get even more expensive. That said, it is next to impossible to do away with this space as it increases the value of a property during reselling.

Depending on the location, plot, and convenience, developers can charge you a hefty amount for a parking space. Consider that while buying a property.

3. Preferential locality charge (PLC)

It is an extra charge to book a flat in a better location or position compared to others within a specific housing project. The charge differs from one developer to another. Premium projects tend to have higher PLCs.

4. Stamp duty and property registration charge

Last but the most significant additional cost you must not forget is stamp duty and property registration charges. The charges can be easily around 6-7% and hence you must consider it while buying a property.

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