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Understanding Real-Estate Market in Pune Before Investment

Planning to buy property in Pune? Pune is one of the major Indian cities and one of the key locations in Western India. The city is growing at a rapid pace due to IT, ITes, automobile industry and many more factors.

Therefore, people should pay attention to the below mentioned factors to understand the real-estate market in Pune to be able to make an informed decision.

Look out for offers before investing

Offer-hunting to get ourselves the best deal before making any purchase is an inevitable activity which has to be done even while house-hunting in Pune.

As the demand for property decreases, builders and developers lower down the pricing. So, you can look for such offers before putting in your money.

Invest in areas driving the real-estate of Pune

Some areas are already densely inhabited and there’s barely any space left for any new housing development society to be built. On the other hand, there are areas which people couldn’t have thought of but apparently have become the new hub for real-estate investment.

Kolte Patil Life Republic

For instance, Dwarka – located in the far west corner of Delhi was once just small villages and jungles – today, it is one of the most prime locations for real estate investment in Delhi.

Similarly, areas in Pune such as Koregaon Park, Model Colony, Deccan Gymkhana and Hinjewadi are the new real-estate investment buzz. You can check the Kolte Patil Life Republic in Hinjewadi which is one of the most premium housing projects there.

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