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Is Buying a Property in Punawale or Renting a Better Option?

Punawale is a highly coveted area due to its promising location, excellent connectivity, and strategic proximity. The place has almost every amenity within its periphery; be it related to health, education or lifestyle. It is also home to luxurious projects such as the Golden Treasure in Punawale. But before you think of moving to Punawale, you have to check the cost-effectiveness of your investment.

Golden Treasure in Punawale Pune by Garve Developments Bajaj Finserv

There are two options if you want to live in luxurious apartments; you either buy it or rent it. Here are some factors you need to consider which will help you understand which investment is beneficial for you.


Many people move to Punawale in search of work. If you are going to stay there only for 2 or 3 years, then renting is a better option. Paying EMIs and finally selling the property is highly illogical.


If you are planning to settle, then buying an apartment in Golden Treasure in Punawale is the best option. Many lenders offer home loans at low interest rates and flexible tenures. The EMI you pay will be equal to the rent to pay. Moreover, the property will be on your name. EMIs will decrease over time, but rents will keep increasing. You can check the financial institution’s online EMI calculator to check how much EMI you have to set aside.

The best option depends on the period of your stay. In short; rent the property if your stay is short and buy it if you are planning to settle.

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