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Top Tips for Buying the Best Property in India

With each passing year, more and more number of people are now opting to live in their own apartments rather than living on rent. This is one of the biggest reasons why the real estate sector has witnessed a rapid increase in not just prices but demand too. The challenge however lies in searching for the right property. Here are thus some of the top tips using which you can find that dream house for yourself –


Before you begin your property search ensure that you calculate how much you can invest in purchasing a property. Decide how much of your savings you can invest, and how much of a home loan you will require to finance the purchase. You should also start by shortlisting property attributes that you want, to make choosing the right home easier.

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The location of a property is crucial in the decision making process and you should always invest in properties which have a tendency to increase in value over time. However, this will only happen if you select property in a good location that offers ample connectivity, amenities, and offers scope for future development. So, prioritise properties that are near the market, hospital, schools, supermarket and other such facilities.

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Apart from the price of the property such, there are a number of other charges also involved. These include stamp charges and registration charges to name a few. Stamp duty refers to the taxes which the Indian Government applies on your property purchase. It is therefore a compulsory tax. Registration charges on the other hand have been fixed at 0.5% of the value of the property. So ensure that you take such costs into account before purchasing a property.

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