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Best Time to Start Investing In Real Estate

Different generations have different tastes and preferences. What is also different is the time at what people invest. The people of past generations such as our grandparents started working when they were 21-23 years of age. Right from the time they started earning, they started saving as well.

This is because they knew that there were no finance options and even if they were there, they were rather hard to come by. Moreover, the sooner they started saving, the more they would have saved as well. With our generation, this has changed as most of us start earning by the age of 25-26.

However, what has not changed is our need for investing in a real estate as every one of us needs a roof over our heads. This naturally begs the question that what is the right age for investing in projects such as Godrej Garden City Ahmedabad.

Godrej Garden City
Truth be told, you can invest in any age that you feel like. However, you should choose that time of your life when not only will you able to pay the instalments but also look after your family. Let us look at some of the benefits of investing in real estate in according to the age group you belong to –

# If in your 20s

Lenders will offer a better rate of interest and a longer tenor. Most probably you are still single and as such you do not have many expenses and thus you can repay back the loan more quickly. As you are just beginning your career, you can invest in a small property and sell it off at a higher rate later.

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# If in your 30s

There are very good chances that you are planning to get married and thus have a house of your own. You will have significant savings to not only pay for the downpayment but also bear the other family expenses. Further, your better half can also shoulder some of the expenses.

# If in your 40s

You will have enough saved to purchase a big house which would not have been possible a decade or two back. There will not be many uncertainties left as you have already been through the major events of your life and can clearly see what to expect in the future. Further, the house that you choose now will most probably stand as a house that you live in post-retirement.

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