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Which is Better – Investing in Sobha Avenue or a Standalone House in Bangalore?

Whenever you set out with the objective of purchasing a house for yourself, you will be faced with two dilemmas – whether to purchase an individual house or invest in an apartment.

Further, when it comes to cities like Bangalore deciding which of these two to opt for can get even more difficult. This is because owing to the sheer number of options which are available both of which appear to be equally good, it can get rather difficult to choose from.

Mentioned below are some of the benefits of each of these which will help you in reaching a decision more easily –

# Amenities

-> Apartments such as Sobha Avenue provide a host of benefits and features most of which cannot be found in individual apartments.

Sobha Avenue

-> Some of which include landscaped garden, indoor and outdoor games, 24-hour electricity backup, clubhouse, and swimming pool to name a few.

-> Most or none of these facilities can be found in a standalone property.

# Safety

-> This is an extension of amenities but owing to the benefit, it deserves to be mentioned separately.

-> Apartments provide round-the-clock security cover with CCTV cameras which ensures that people with malevolent intentions are always at bay.

-> There are also security guards who ensure that anyone who wishes to enter the premises is properly verified before entering the premises.

# Costs

-> In the end, it all comes down to the costs involved. The cost of purchasing an individual apartment is lesser but the security and amenities cannot be found in them.

-> Further, apartments of societies provide much better resale value in comparison to standalone apartments.

-> Lastly, developers of societies also tie up with prominent lenders in the city which makes financing your purchasing using home loan much easier.

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