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Buying a Property in Mumbai? Here’s the Prerequisites

Buying a house of your own is undoubtedly a big financial responsibility, but buying a property in Mumbai is more than that. Honestly, as someone rightly said, owning a house in the city of dreams is no less than a dream come true! First of all, you know the property is going to yield a very high ROI if you ever plan to sell it, the weather is nice – summers and winters are both warm, and the night life is awesome.

Plus, Mumbai is surrounded by Pune, Nagpur and other such areas which are perfect weekend getaways. Now, I’m sure you don’t need more reasons to make up your mind about buying a property in Mumbai. So, if you are planning to purchase a property in Mumbai or would plan something like that in future, below are the prerequisites you must follow.

Crosscheck property prices: Location of the property is important. Even the proximity of flat from daily-need services such as public transport, hospitals, schools, metro etc. matters. But, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll pay a higher amount for a property by a specific builder even though other builders in that area are offering similar properties at a lower price.

Sunteck Westworld

You may invest in projects like Sunteck Westworld, Arkade Earth and other more. Thus, to avoid such expensive mistakes, compare the property prices in advanced to get good deals.

Property value appreciation rate: If you don’t intend to pass on your 2 BHK flat in Mumbai to your kids or grandkids, you must ensure the house you’re buying is a high value appreciation rate type of property.

Bottom line: Make sure the house you plan to buy in Mumbai is RERA-verified.

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