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Dispelling the Top Myths About Purchasing a House in India

Purchasing a home of your own will certainly be one of the biggest financial decisions which you will make in your life. This is owing to the fact that it requires a considerable financial investment to be made because of which most families require a home loan to be taken from a lender.


Despite the need for a house by almost every family, there are a number of myths which are attached with buying a house. It is because of this that many individuals do not go forward with their plans of buying a house. Here we try to try to discuss these misconceptions and dispel them completely –

Real Estate Investment Not for the Middle Class

Everyone requires a house irrespective of the income group you belong to. There are a number of property developers available who create projects for various income groups. Another factor which shores up the prices of properties is the location. Thus, if you are not rigid about the place you invest in, search for the right developer, and opt for finance options such as home loans, then you can surely get a home of your dreams.

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Paying Rent Means Saving Money

Living in a rented property gives you a temporary reprieve because some day or the other, you will have to move it. Moreover, if you consider the money that is being paid for living in from a different perspective then you will realize that it will not serve you in the long run. If the same money were to be used for your home loan monthly installment, then not only will you get a place to live in but you would have also made an investment which would last you a lifetime.

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