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Flat at the Nyati Enchante: Should you Buy or Rent?

Are you looking for flats for sale in Pune? Or are you looking to rent a spacious apartment? There are many options available to you.

You could look at a new housing project that is currently underway. To get a real flavour of Pune, try the flats in Padmavati Hills. The property offers some amazing sports amenities. You will also get sufficient parking space, and access to a meditation hall and an amphitheatre. Another option might be Nyati Enchante which is located close to the Mula Mutha River. The complex is nicely located between Koregaon Park and Viman Nagar.

Nyati Enchante

Whether you should buy a house or rent one will depend on many factors. Renting might be advisable if you keep shifting from one city to another every few years. If you are more or less settled in a particular city, home ownership could be a viable option. Another thing to consider would be your finances.

Financial stability is a must if home ownership is on your wish-list. Buying a house means making a big down payment, and you will have to commit to repaying a home loan over a roughly 20-year period. Of course, you would have to compare the loan offers available to you from different lenders. Bajaj Housing Finance, for instance, could bring you convenient pre-approved offers.

Keep in mind that home ownership has certain advantages over renting. You can do up the house however you wish, put it up on rent, or even get a housecat. The flexibility you get is certainly a bonus.

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