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Factors to Consider to Maximize Your Returns from Your Flat in Bangalore

When you’re investing your hard-earned money, you want to choose the best instrument to ensure better ROI. Given buying a property is a sort of long-term investment, you must consider the below shared factors and ensure maximum returns.

Wait for the right time: Even though some would claim there’s nothing such as ‘right time’, the term has a great importance in lives of those planning to buy a property. With time changes the circle rate (per square meters land cost of a particular area), home loan rates go up or down, some new policy comes in effect and changes the whole scenario. Honestly, time is an essential factor to consider when buying a property in Bangalore, Pune or any other place. It can make or break your decision.


   Hence, wait for the right time. A good time to buy a property is when the home loan rates are down, the real-estate market is suffering and the property rates are at an all time low. Basically when the demand for properties goes down and sellers are compelled to lower down the rates.

Prime location is the best location: Buying a flat in Bangalore is a big-time investment. Though it goes without saying for properties bought in other areas as well, Bangalore being the IT hub of India – the significance of a property bought here increases twice.

   Now, since buying a property is an investment, you’ve to make sure it reaps higher benefits when sold. In order to ensure that, you must buy a property located in a prime locality of Bangalore even it costs you a little more than your budget. The benefits will always be higher.

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Look for subvention schemes: Lastly, if you’re looking to buy a home on a budget inquire about subvention schemes with builders. This allows you to take a home loan and pay a nominal amount up front to block the flat.

   Also, you can buy a home with instant housing finance facility by Bajaj Housing Finance Limited and before March 31st, you may have the capacity to guarantee the advantages from PMAY home advance or PMAY CLSS.

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