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Key Reasons to Buy a Property in Ahmedabad

Despite Gandhinagar being the capital of Gujarat, Ahmedabad seems to be more popular amongst investors. Why? Ahmedabad is the largest industrial hub of Gujarat and the second largest in west India after Mumbai. This makes it one of the top choices for people looking for better career opportunities.

So, real-estate investors seeking a ‘high-ROI’ real-estate investment option can check out the options in Ahmedabad. Here’s why?

A perfect blend of modern and traditional infrastructure: Ahmedabad is India’s only UNESCO heritage site. Thus, with state-of-the-art projects such as Godrej Garden City Ahmedabad, the city can offer a perfect blend of modern and new age, high rise buildings and 100-years old structures personifying its beauty.

Godrej Garden City Ahemdabad

A constant need for residential properties: The city offers ever-growing employment opportunities in IT, automobile, real estate, and manufacturing sectors. As a result, a large number of people migrate here for work and make it their home. This constantly increasing migration rate is directly linked to the rise in demand for residential properties in the city. Taking a cue from the same, people having a house in Ahmedabad can either use it as a rental property and establish a considerable source of additional income. Or they can sell it off when the demand is at the peak to earn a great deal of return on investment.

Employment opportunities: As shared above, Ahmedabad is the second largest industrial hub of West India after Mumbai, there is no paucity of employment opportunities in the city. So, if you have the required skill set, your chances of getting a job in Ahmedabad is the highest.

Bottom line: If you have plans to follow our advice and buy a property in the city, look for RERA verified properties in Ahmedabad.

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