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What Things To Know Before Investing In Real Estate?

When you plan to invest in a home in Ahmedabad in a stunning project from Savvy Studioz in Gota, it must be understood that the success and failure of your decision will depend on research and explicit financial planning. This not only gives you the confidence to buy the coveted property but also helps you take informed decisions. For instance, the so-called property offers affordable 2 BHK flats offering peaceful living spaces.

Savvy Studioz

Here are some important things to consider when buying a property in Ahmedabad-

Processes and Paperwork: Once you zero on the property make sure to check the builder’s documents such as the commence certificate, encumbrance certificate, approval by local body, environmental clearance, approved plans and so on. The builder must also let you know about the status of land title and see if they had bought it or merely have development rights on it. In case of resale property ask for previous property tax receipts from the seller with other bills to ensure there are no pending bills.

Lender Financing: Check with your builder what lending institutions like NBFCs you can approach for a home loan. As there are many builders whose unsold inventory and incomplete real estate housing projects debar them from obtaining loan from financial institutions. Check with your representative which institutions you can approach to avail the loan at lowest rate of interest.

Evaluate the Investment: Many times brokers/ builders may not mention the exact or hidden costs such as location charges, internal and external development fees, statutory fees, service tax etc. on the property which can increase the initial cost of the property. Always enquire about the full and final cost of the property to avoid confusion and panic.

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