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Best Places in Mumbai for Real-Estate Investment

Talk about buying a house in Mumbai and there’s hardly anyone in India who wouldn’t say YES to it given they have sufficient income to afford it. Besides, the ‘n’ number of changes done in the real-estate sector by the government has made the process far easier. For instance, the RERA has made sure the possession of the promised property is handed over on time, and the PMAY scheme has made sure every person with the potential to buy a home can afford it. In addition, you can go for the home loan from top NBFCs in India, As the recent drop in the interest rate of home loans has made home buying way more affordable.

That said if you are planning to buy a property in Mumbai, the same needs to be in a good area. The location of your property will directly influence the ROI and hence, you have to be very specific to the location of your property. For instance, if you invest in a property in Mumbai such as Aaradhya High Park and others, you will surely get more ROI. Even investing in a flat in Dombivali may let you enjoy better rates in the future. Yes, the Lodha Palava City will soar over some time and give you the best of ROIs.

Lodha Palava City

Accordingly, below is a list of some of the best location for real-estate investment in Mumbai.

  • Andheri
  • Kurla
  • BKC

Bottom line: While buying a property in these areas won’t be tough, but make sure the properties are RERA-verified.

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