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Best Localities in Mumbai for Your First 2BHK

Planning to buy a flat in Mumbai but not able to do so owing to the sky-high property prices? Mumbai is one city that never disappoints! You can find expensive options if you walk towards South Mumbai, and affordable options if you check out the 2BHK flats available in other areas such as the ones mentioned below.

  • Dombivali: Dombivali is one of the best options for people who are yearning for the suburban lifestyle. Dombivali is a growing town and its vicinity to Mumbai and Thane and the availability of local train services from the place has given it the position of the suburb of Mumbai. To name some of the best real estate options in the town, I would suggest you go with Dominicalis’ Lodha Palava City that is boosting the real estate market in the area even more.

Lodha Palava City

  • Airoli: Airoli is one of the biggest and most populated residential areas in Navi Mumbai. Apart from that, it is one of the major commercial centers of Mumbai. The property prices in these areas including Diva is very much affordable. On an average, a 1BHK in Airoli can cost you somewhere around Rs 25-40 Lacs. 
  • Mira Road: Lastly, talking of Mira Road, it is one of the major districts in Thane. Besides, it is one of the fastest growing suburbs of Mumbai. On an average, a 2BHK in this part of Mumbai can cost you somewhere around Rs 60 lakhs to 80 lakhs. 

while planning the house in detail make sure to have the right funds to book it. You can consider getting a home loan from leading lenders such as NBFCs which offer high-value loan and flexible repayment tenure. before applying know the home loan eligibility criteria. As this is a secured loan it can be obtained at an affordable rate of interest allowing you to easily pay it off in your own time frame.

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