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Tips on Getting Home Loan Sanctioned Faster

With more and more people wanting to buy their own residential property in Mumbai, Delhi or any other city developed by the real estate developers in the multiple new projects which are coming up these days, the requirement of home loans and the respective interest rates has also gone up. These days banks offer full loans for owning the house but the interest rates are high and the repayment periods short, making the EMIs shoot through the roof. As more and more people race towards getting their loan applications approved, banks are also being cautious about the rate at which they sanction the home loans and do that only after careful scrutiny and background checks of the opting individual. This made getting the home loans a cumbersome, tedious and tasking process which is full of paper-work and multiple visits to the bank branch. However, given below are certain tips which can help you save a lot of time and energy and get your home loan sanctioned easily.

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  • Go through the bank’s website, check the available home loan rates, repayment slabs, the flexibility and various other aspects of home loans before actually going to the bank. This will help you be prepared about the available options and since most of the information is available on the internet nowadays, it is easier to go to the bank well prepared than without any knowledge. Also, by going through the various websites you can make sure that you choose the best plans from the best banks so that you get the cheapest deal from the many offer and you don’t have a tough time repaying your loan on your house built by the builders in India.


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  • Take all the necessary documents with you to the bank when going to get a home loan. All identity proofs, date of birth proofs, address proofs, collateral documents and other proofs should be present, both original and the photocopies, in order to make sure that you do not have to run again and again for any missing document. If there are some missing documents, take proper proofs for the same in the formats prescribed by that particular bank. The real estate developers can also furnish you with the necessary property documents which might be required.


  • If you have any securities which you want to mortgage to obtain the loan, you should also take the proofs of the same. Taking a good amount of collateral simplifies the risk of the bank and hence the probability of the loan getting sanctioned increases. If you have any other 2 bhk in mumbai or any other property and you want to obtain another home loan against it, you can also do that and the sanction would be faster depending on the value of the property.

Following the basic steps needed for obtaining a home loan and complying with the bank authorities at each step can get your home loan sanctioned very easily and at a faster rate than a person going to a bank without any proper knowledge of the domain.

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