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Top Destinations to Invest in Real Estate in Kolkata

Kolkata is a city dotted with charming, age old heritage structures and buildings. Today, it has several skyscrapers and is no less than its metropolitan counterparts like Delhi and Mumbai. Indeed, the picture becomes a lot exciting when the buildings are used for housing. Real estate may be developed either horizontally or vertically. But, since the prices are soaring high, it is not that possible for the developers to expand horizontally. For the developers, vertical developments make a lot of sense. Kolkata is growing in terms of infrastructure and indeed the place is a residential hotspot now. Check out the top locations in Kolkata to consider an investment:

  1. EM Bypass: EM Bypass is a region in Kolkata where one can discover luxurious apartments. EM Bypass has never experienced property depreciation and so it is most preferred by the property buyers. The transportation facilities and the telecommunication network are outstanding here. One can find best locations to buy property along EM Bypass.
  2. Rajarhat: Located on the outskirts of the city, Rajarhat is one of the best places to invest in. When we talk about the property rates in the previous 7 years, the property rate has increased to a great extent. Due to great advancements in technology, the place is getting industrialized rapidly.
  3. Behala: Behala is indeed best for mid income buyers, situated in South Kolkata. There are several housing projects going on here and social and civic infrastructure is also good. With the advent of the metro, the area should witness a massive increase in property prices.
  4. Garia: Garia is again a place where you may find the best mix of residential and commercial properties. The best part is that the prices of properties here are quite reasonable and moderate. Connectivity are social infrastructure are both top notch here.

Some Key Residential Areas to Invest in Kolkata

Builders in India are also coming up with premium residential projects in several places including Ballygunge, Belvedere, Lower Circular Road, Southern Avenue and Park Street which are perfect for buyers in the luxury and ultra luxury segments. Property prices are on the rise in these places, making them some of the costliest destinations to invest in. Property developers are launching their projects owing to huge appreciation in property rates. There is great demand for housing in Kolkata for rent as well.

The Trend of Green Buildings in Kolkata

Advancement in Kolkata real estate is manifested in the construction of so many ‘green buildings’. Such buildings do produce almost no waste and tend to optimize energy efficiency. They are huge in number and according to IGBC, there are 260 green buildings in the city. Builders in India are trying to cater to the needs of commercial and residential buyers with such futuristic innovations according to reports.

Several residential properties in Kolkata have swimming pools, parking lots, recreational clubs, jogging tracks and community halls. Some even feature basketball courts and other sports facilities. To buy property in Kolkata, one needs to pay varying prices for different localities.

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