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What makes Noida a Hot Real Estate investment Destination?

Due to a number of IT companies shifting their base from Gurgaon to Noida, real estate in Noida has seen an upsurge. This has also contributed to improving Noida’s infrastructural facilities further making it an attractive real estate investment destination. Due to increased demand, real estate companies are launching new residential projects in Noida to accommodate people who are moving to Noida for jobs or personal convenience.

So what makes Noida a faster growing real estate destination than its NCR peers? The answer lies in better infrastructure, good metro connectivity, better electricity, and water supply, a plethora of educational institutions and greener spaces to breathe in.

Advantages Over Places Like Gurgaon

Gurgaon, too, has been reeling under a lot of infrastructural activities and is still in expansion mode, but its property rates are already skyrocketing. A lot of people who are looking for cost-effective housing with good amenities and infrastructure have now turned their attention to flats and properties in Noida. Noida’s affordable housing and beneficial facilities, which are on par with other cities, has boosted the demand for real estate in the area.

Good Appreciation Value:

Noida offers a good return on investments. The properties here have seen an appreciation of close to 10% to 15% yearly. Reputed builders are going all out to attract big business houses, start-ups, and even PSUs to move their base and invest in luxurious commercial properties in Noida. With businesses moving to Noida, the workforce is also shifting here. Even luxury apartments in Noida are a big hit among salaried employees of these companies and makes for a good investment as the rental yields are higher owing to their demand among such professionals.

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The Advantage of Good Connectivity:

Neighbourhoods like Sector 49 in Noida have high capital value because of its good connectivity to major areas via metro. Great connectivity has spiked rental demands in the area and made real estate in Noida a flattering prospect for future and long-term investments.

To Conclude

With infrastructural and social activities on the rise, Noida has become a hub for future IT companies, along with offering a good quality of life. It is still in its early days, yet to unveil all the opportunities it offers.  This is thus the right time to invest in a property in Noida, and make the most of your investment.

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