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Reasons to Buy Property in Kolkata’s Rajarhat – New Town

There are plenty of options for anyone seeking a house in Kolkata at the moment. But if you are looking for a truly special property, Rajarhat – New Town is where you should be. The latest satellite township in the city, this area is all set to add an array of new luxury flats in Kolkata.

Nostalgia Meets New-Age Living

Kolkata is known for its nostalgic, old world charm which is well-reflected in its architecture. In recent times however, the city has witnessed a growing demand for modern houses and skyscrapers. Flats in Rajarhat are certainly some of the most luxurious and upscale listings you will find in the city right now.

Located close to Salt Lake City, Sector V and the airport, this township has easy access to some of the best areas in the city. It is not easy to find properties for sale in Kolkata when your requirements are that of amenities available in cities like Mumbai or Delhi, but Rajarhat-New Town projects are sure to match your needs.

The neighbourhoods in and around the area are known for housing 5-star hotels, high-end malls, IT hubs and other business enterprises. New Town is also the location for some of the biggest software companies in the market today, including IBM, Capgemini, and Tech Mahindra.

The growing number of businesses has also led to more than 15% rise in property prices in areas like Salt Lake City, where it is now very challenging to afford a spacious apartment. However, this is not a problem in the upcoming townships of New Town where the square feet rates remain with a range of Rs.3000-4000. Rents in this neighbourhood are also inexpensive, in the range of Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 15,000.

Smart Cities, Smart Living

New Town is now all set to be a part of the government’s Smart City initiative, which will expose it to some of the best public and civic infrastructure available in modern India. For young professionals or nuclear families looking to make their debut investment, this could be a great first step in owning reliable assets.

Connectivity is a major advantages for Rajarhat New Town residents. The Sealdah railway station is only 12 km away via VIP road. A metro line connecting this area to the airport is also in the works, which is likely to escalate prices for all types of properties here further. New Town is also a promising long-term investment for anyone looking for a property with high resale value. In 10 to 15 years, this locality promises to be one of the most sought after destinations for both commercial and residential affordable homes in Kolkata for investment.

If you are looking to invest in a house of your own, in a good neighbourhood, or procure a space to run a business unit, Rajarhat New Town is one of the best places you can find in Kolkata today.

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