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Area Profile of Ameerpet

Ameerpet is a busy commercial area in the neighborhood of Hyderabad. Situated in the north-eastern part of Hyderabad, it later became a part of Hyderabad after construction activities grew to a large extent in the northern part of Hyderabad. Well-known for the kind of very low price software training offered here, it is the center of attraction for software enthusiasts. This has led to the accelerated growth of the real estate projects in the area to fulfill the increasing demand. Over the years, it has developed into an area, that offers one of the best properties in Hyderabad.

Real Estate

Real estate of Ameerpet is known for the kind of residential flats they provide and the amenities therein. Most importantly, they provide the affordable homes in Hyderabad at affordable rates. Working with tech giant calls for discharging responsibilities and it is important to get a full night’s rest and comfort after a day of tiring work. The real estate projects in Ameerpet offer just the same comfort to unwind. The residential flats and apartments are laden with all sorts of amenities that would reduce the stress level.


There seems to be a never-ending potential in Ameerpet for the growth of real estate projects. Ameerpet, being one of the software hubs of our country, many people throng to this place every year for acquiring IT skills. Aspiring to fulfill the needs of those people, the real estate in Ameerpet has developed over the years and now they have enough potential to provide a stress-free and tranquil lifestyle.

Demand & Profit

Demand for real estate in Ameerpet seems to be never-ending. The influx of people to Ameerpet tends to increase over the years and hence the increase in demand for real estate is constantly on the rise. As the demand increases so does the profit and hence Ameerpet is a market where real estate can really blossom and earn huge profits.

New Projects

Many of the real estate investors have already sensed the opportunities present and are now trying to capitalize on it. Many upcoming projects in Hyderabad are blossoming there and each one of them has got different, but many reasons for choosing to live in. The upcoming projects in Hyderabad are all offering some promising amenities and features which just can’t be ignored and that too at affordable prices.


If one decides to live at Ameerpet, to enjoy a good lifestyle, then connectivity is not at all a problem. Ameerpet is proposed to be an important station for the upcoming Hyderabad Metro project. As of now, it is connected to Hyderabad both by roadways and railways and it is at a mere distance of 5 kms from Hyderabad.


Ameerpet is a perfect place to stay in if one wants to hone their IT skills and have a dashing lifestyle at the same time. Residing here will provide the residents with the dual opportunity of earning quality education and leading a good life close to nature.

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