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Why PMAY Failed in Maharashtra?

There has, since the appointment of Narendra Modi as the Prime Minister, been the popping of a large number of varied and innovative schemes to make India a better place. A lot of schemes took off really well, but the momentum slowed down after all the hustle and bustle died down. The Swachh Bharath Abhiyaan is a tremendous success and is considered a feather in the cap of the present government rule.

There is another scheme that was launched by the Modi famously known as the “Housing for All” scheme. This scheme, evidently, aims at putting a roof over every person’s head. There was a lot of hype which was generated around this extremely ambitious project. But to everyone’s dismay, the project didn’t take off in Maharashtra, where the hype around this project was at its peak.

Reasons for its Failure in Maharashtra

There are various reasons why the “Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna” failed to even take off in the state of Maharashtra. The value and availability of properties in Maharashtra were pointed out to be crucial issues. In the other states, over 80000 houses were built as a part of the PMAY scheme. The main plot of the scheme benefits the urban and the rural poor, with the government providing them monetary assistance up to 1 lakh rupees.

Three main reasons presented themselves as deal-breakers for this scheme in Maharashtra, which are discussed briefly below.

  • Shortage of Land- This was the main cause of the failure of this more than ambitious scheme. There is not enough land in Mumbai to house the people who have the money to buy a house for them. The overly populated city areas do not call for more houses to be built. Even though there is enough land in the outskirts of the city, connectivity poses a serious challenge. Properties in Mumbai, which don’t provide good connectivity, lose their retail value and cause unnecessary expense to the government.
  • Delayed Approvals- The metropolitan authority in the city of Mumbai, rather, the development authorities in the state of Maharashtra are pretty well known for their late approvals of development sites. The approvals itself for this scheme are estimated to take a minimum if 2-3 years, which is precious time deemed not to be wasted. Even a prominent real estate developer faces problems with the approval of projects.
  • Delayed MMRDA Plans- the plan for regional development is still waiting for its approval from the state government. An expert, who is also a prominent real estate developer says that finding areas which can act as a hub for improved social life will be tough, as all the areas are either overpopulated or not well connected and far away from the city.


The above reasons for the failure of the ambitious scheme could be reverted if the approvals are given on time, the slums are rehabilitated and the encroachments are removed.

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