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Panvel to be Next Investment Hotspot in Navi Mumbai

Positioned, strategically, between crossroads of major highways and expressways, Panvel possesses a lot of developmental opportunities for new projects in Navi Mumbai. Panvel is, undoubtedly, a rapidly growing option for customers seeking to acquire a second home purchase. The place comes in as an easily convenient offering since it is embedded with immense road connectivity and also a booming hotspot for realtors and developers establishing and building new Navi Mumbai projects.

Perks of Investing in Panvel

Panvel houses a variety of public service institutions like hospitals, commercial hubs, shopping complexes and also numerous educational institutions like Mahatma Phule Arts, Science, and Commerce College, Karnala Sports Academy, etc. Residents also enjoy the comfort of indulging in their favorite restaurants, cafés, bakeries, etc. from the everyday traditional to the popular chain-outlets. Also, being a contemporary hotspot for new age real-estate developers and builders, several residential properties Navi Mumbai are environment-centered in their designs, promoting eco-friendly ambiances, equipped with the latest amenities for smooth and easy everyday lifestyle. This very fact presents itself as a boon, making Panvel, a healthy and comfortable place to live.


Also, there is a range of property options one can choose from starting with a single loft to luxury bungalows to commercial spaces; Panvel is a leading top dog in the domain of affordable homes in Navi Mumbai. Due to its advantageous positioning near tourist hotspots and places of interest, it also holds potential in establishing a great rental market for tourists or any short-time visitors.


Future Prospects of Panvel

Panvel with its established infrastructure, mostly in the residential real-estate sector, promises an extensive and high-profile growth, especially with the proposal of projects coming underway from national-level organizations and the Government.

Some of the key upcoming projects include the conversion of the Jawaharlal Nehru Port into a Multi-Product Special Economic Zone in Navi Mumbai. This comes as a gateway to a plethora of opportunities for various other businesses to rise and operate in the existing neighboring area. These can range from economic public servicing facilities, trading extensions, intermediary services, and also with a growth in population, more transport communication systems. All these developments collectively imply a boom in employment, gathering a diverse population of individuals and families.

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The ongoing construction of the Navi Mumbai International Airport is clearly one of the determining factors in the rapid growth and development of Panvel in the last five to seven years since this allows for a greater passage of incoming and outgoing tourists, visitors or general residents, in the vicinity of the city. This project calls for an expansion in the sectors of hospitality and management, resulting in better hospitals, hotels, schools, institutions, etc.

Panvel will also be extending its already numerous routes of connectivity through the Navi Mumbai Metro which is expected to start operations in May 2018.

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