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Bhushan Kumar’s House in Mumbai

There are many people who just love luxurious life, and hence their home displays their style. One of such a leading personality is Bhushan Kumar who is also known as the Music King. In the days of cassettes, the sound recording and other businesses have made him get the position in the list of the richest man in India. For him, owning a house was a matter of style, comprehensive comfort and overwhelming utilities combined in a single package, as a result of the same he never believed in securing possession of an ordinary apartment that only serves as a medium to reside, not to rejuvenate. Each and every feature of his spectacular house Is the outcome of a combined ideology of him and his gorgeous wife, Divya Kumar. Their outlook towards the perfect residence gave birth to this lavishing house in Mumbai and also there is luxurious house of Bhushan Kumar in Delhi as well. These are the different special themes that every single floor is based on redefines the impeccability of the entire house.

A Peek into The Magical Building

Their house in Mumbai, houses five beautiful bedrooms is spread across four storeys, having inbuilt private professional gymnasium, tremendous terrace and numerous random spaces. All these outstanding components sum up in one of the most splendid spaces of today, not only this each floor is equipped with something peculiar and adorable.

Moreover, the house has been designed on the based on selective themes, and the same adds to the elegance and charm this amazing house showcases. The first floor comprises of a dreamy dining room, stylish living room,and an open style kitchen, on the other side the fourth-floor houses a glass roof that directs and opens up in the direction of terrace which is engraved with lawn and some extremely exotic plants. Moreover, there is a separate floor for bedrooms housing both vivid and small bedrooms, and rest of the floors occupies gigantic guestrooms and the sections secured for physical training.


Peculiarity That His House Emanates

Behind every section the house comprises of, there are numerous ideas that motivated this lovely couple to fill up the place with beautiful memories. In the memory of his late beloved father, Gulshan Kumar the house possesses a large temple having the same idols that his father had in the temple of his house. Moreover, the bedrooms symbolize love, and for the same reason, they were filled up with purple color. At the time when the house was under construction the Kumar’s waited eagerly for the birth of their new family member, and due to the uncertainty of a boy or a girl, the rooms were painted orange instead of pink and blue.

Being fitness freaks, both of them chose to have a 24/7 accessible gym that possesses all sorts of professional equipment. Moreover, the wide terrace never fails to offer a mesmerizing view of the horizon,and the balcony serves as the spot for daily tea breaks and relaxation for the family.

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