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Know The Area Profile of Alexander Road

Alexander Road is located in Secunderabad, Hyderabad. Alexander Road holds a great significance with Alexander the Great who was popularly known as Sikander in India. This place is best suitable for tourists to stay as it is has easy access to airport and is at a convenient location from the city’s must-visit destinations.

Real Estate

This place is now considered as the next hotspot for residential properties in Secunderabad. It is believed that in future a greater level of development will take place here.

Affordable homes in Hyderabad, particularly in Secunderabad are in most demand and are a prominent feature of this city. The properties here are affordable. Though this area is not a completely residential area, the real estate agents are working on developing it. The area has more of residential plots and independent houses.


Prominent Builders

Few of the builders of Secunderabad properties are listed as follows:

  • Prasad Real Estate builders
  • Modi Builders and Realtors Pvt.Ltd
  • Quick Properties
  • AT Quick Properties
  • DBS Business Centres



Alexander Road is a developing area of Secunderabad. There has been a recent change in residential plots, bungalow, and mostly 2 BHK flats in Secunderabad. This is making the area more of a residential place and helping in its future development.


Reasons for Demand

This area has more hotels which make it a spot for tourists to stay. This place hence attracts more tourists than other parts of the city. Also, it is located near the airport which makes it more welcoming for foreign tourists. This area has a lot of historical significance. Everyone in and outside India are aware of Alexander or Sikander and his achievements. That is the reason why it is more of a tourist place than a residential place.

Not only this, the place has many available residential plots and lands which have increased this area’s worth. There are various schools, universities, hospitals and other grocery stores in and around this place. Therefore, daily amenities are present in the nearby area as well.

There are many shopping malls such as South India Shopping Mall and Babukhan Shopping Mall which have helped increase its appeal.

There are many areas of worship and they are:

  • Jama Masjid
  • Holy Trinity Church
  • Chilkur Balaji Temple
  • Thousand Pillar Temple
  • Mecca Masjid

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Alexander Road is well connected to various parts of Hyderabad by various means of public transport. There are multiple buses and cab services available, connecting this part of the city to Minister Road, Ameerpet, Miyapur, Adarsh Nagar and so on. Accordingly this area is connected to most parts of the city.



This place is a lost gem of India. Alexander Road in Secunderabad is not a well-known area and that is the reason for the late development of this part of the city. This place has its own beauty, with all the worship areas, tourist places and natural beauty.

With the coming of younger generations in the form of students at various college and universities in Alexander Road, the place has been developed for them. Unlike any other area, Alexander Road has its own charm and appeal. It is a quiet a calm place and connected with each and every part of Secundrabad. The demand of this area for real estate has started and is expected to develop at a fast pace in the near future.

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