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Area Profile of Bidhan Saraniis in Kolkata

Situated in the capital of West Bengal, Kolkata, Bidhan Saraniis was formerly known as Cornwallis Street. It comes under the north division of the district of Kolkata.

Real Estate

real estate in kolkata

Pronouncing the current state of real estate development in North Kolkata city Bidhan Sarani, there are flats and houses available ranging from 1 BHK to 3 BHK. Ranging from furnished to unfurnished flats, there is a good number of semi-furnished stand-alone houses as well. Mostly residential and commercial purposes are what flats and houses are available for. Property in Kolkata has undergone a revolution, in the sense that developers have come up with amazing properties in the Bidhan Sarani area.

  • Potential

There are local markets available near the area; markets which are used for grocery shopping, window shopping and serving the purpose of a general market as well. One such market is the Hatibagan Bazar. For entertainment purposes, there are movie theatres, one being around 100 years old called Star Theatre. Star Theatre is known for Bengali dramas which are presented to the audience, with authentic plays by famous playwrights- both old and new. Facilities like ATMs, banks and hospitals are things the area is well equipped with. For the overall development of Bidhan Sarani and to attract more and more buyers, there are new residential projects in Kolkata, being implemented by real estate developers at a rapid pace.

  • Demand & Profit

The local language is Bengali and so people from small districts of West Bengal find it easy to find a sustainable home in this area because of the surroundings and the personal security they feel because of people having the same dialect. Apart from psychological factors, another factor that attracts buyers or even tenants is the Vidyasagar College. Students who wish to take homes for rent are mostly able to grab good deals because of easy availability of places to live. The market has seen a change in the demand to buy property in Kolkata and the real estate developers have many upcoming projects in Kolkata to meet buyer needs, to expand their business.

Kolkata being a metropolitan is close by and so travelling isn’t an overhead for the residents. Meeting the comfort levels, the demand for a residential place in Bidhan Sarani has been increasing and is expected to increase even more in the years to come.

  • Connectivity

Metro in Kolkata provides ease of travelling. There is a local train which connects Bidhan Sarani with Kolkata at a cheap rate. The bus route network is really dense with every two locations connected by a bus. Local bus routes are well defined, with not so much of congestion except for days of festival.

Future Developments

With the demands of buyers increasing, the real estate developers are capitalizing the property in Kolkata into making spacious, facilitated homes of all kinds so as to satisfy different kinds of customers. Many under construction apartments and houses are already ready for sale.


A thoroughfare, as Bidhan Sarani has become a hub of flats and apartments because of all the facilities provided and the price as well. Affordability is a big factor which has contributed to the good area profile of Bidhan Sarani.

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