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New Town Takes e-route for Residents

new town in kolkata

In simple words, you can describe New Town as a Town which is newly generated. However, in common parlance one can also describe it as a newly developed area as well. But New Town here refers to the area of Kolkata in India. As the name indicated, it refers to the town which is fast growing in Information Technology. It is also called as a satellite city. It is located in both South 24 and North 24 Parganas district of the Indian state of West Bengal. This is the highly developed area of the Kolkata. The New Town has been declared as the “solar city” by the UPA government at the Centre.

As per the plan, it has urban structure. Generally, you can say it is divided into three areas namely as Action Area.

  • Action Area – I: It is allotted to malls, Sub-CBD, planned residential and commercial plots;
  • Action Area – II: This area consists to have Business complexes such as Central Business District, Industrial area, IT park such as Gitanjali Park DLF, TCS, and Unitech,
  • Action Area – III: This area has mainly high-rise residential complexes and mini sub-townships like Uniworld City and Sukhobristi.

Smart Green City:

Presently, PM Narendra Modi Government has initiated the proposal to make it a Smart Green City with the discussion of the proposal to the Chief Minister of West Bengal Mamata Banerjee.

In the era of technology, mobile is a kind of device which helps people to stay connected with each other. With the advancement of Smart Phones, people of India prefer to use the technology and various applications available over smartphones.

Now, in order to directly interface the residents of New Town, the New Town Kolkata Development Authority is becoming the first Government Agency which takes such steps to connect with the people.

For residents of New Town, e-route will be the sources which will help them on the Real Time basis. It will keep the residents updated for any kind of the information about property in New Town Kolkata. The residents can get to know about any kind of information which they are looking for through e-route.

E-route will help the residents through the mobile phones. All the residents need to do is Registration of the Mobile Number with Kolkata Development Authority (NKDA), and after the registration, they will get all the updates of the township. From the Events organizing in their town to any important information like to visit at another place,every information will be provided through it.

Already, there are a number of online services was introduced by the Authority earlier and the residents use these technologies for required help. In the same Way, the authority believes that this e-route will give a big benefit to the residents of New Town. The Authority ensures that this information would be 100% accurate and this would help residents to get civil services in a fully satisfying manner.

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